why should small businesses use digital marketing

Why Should Small Businesses Use Digital Marketing?

why should small businesses use digital marketing

It is more important than ever to utilize digital marketing as a small business. Technology has become an enormous part of running a business, and staying on top of various trends can help you to reach new audiences and grow your client base.

However, as a small business owner, when you have hundreds of other pressing tasks on your to-do list, it’s nearly impossible to set time aside for researching digital marketing and reassessing your strategy.

So, let us make it easier for you.

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing, also called online marketing, is any form of promotional messaging for your business that can be viewed electronically. This means that your marketing campaigns will appear on a phone, tablet, computer, or any other device. The most common forms of digital marketing include online video, display ads, search engine marketing, and social media posts.

You’re likely familiar with “traditional marketing” methods like billboards, direct mail, and magazine ads. These are still sound marketing methods, but relying on traditional tactics means that you’re missing a big opportunity to expand your reach for your business. By getting your business online, you’ll find that you can reach more people in a cost-efficient way.

Increasing your Reach

As a small business, it is essential to create and strengthen your online presence. When you engage in online marketing for your products and services, you are reaching new potential customers without even meeting them face-to-face.

Everyone in your community and beyond is connected to technology in some form. Your online marketing campaigns will reach your existing customers, but they will also reach beyond your client base. Think about how many potential customers are waiting for you online just beyond your traditional marketing reach…

Targeting Ideal Customers

Using digital marketing for your small business is important when it comes to finding your “ideal” clients. Take a moment to consider what your perfect customer looks like. What are their needs and wants? How old are they? What issues are they hoping to solve with your services?

You may have ideal clients that you have gotten through traditional marketing methods, but you’ll need to get online to find more of these customers. One of the benefits of digital marketing is that you can “target” your audience to find more ideal clients. By nailing down the answers to the above questions, you can get a better idea of what content you want to put out for your campaigns and what results you’re hoping for.

You’ll begin to see the benefits of targeting certain audiences right away once you start creating online content. The great thing about these online platforms is that they give you data in real time, helping you adjust and reevaluate your approach as needed.

Gaining Flexibility in your Strategy

Your digital marketing campaigns operate in real time, meaning that you can go into social media channels and change anything that isn’t working in the campaign. By frequently viewing your reach for each platform, you’ll be able to see what is working and what isn’t. Being flexible with digital marketing is one of the best ways you can grow your business.

Consider your traditional marketing campaigns. In most cases, money is already spent on the campaign and becomes unsalvageable if it fails. As a small business owner, this is the last thing you need. Digital marketing campaigns give your business the flexibility to make changes when needed without throwing the whole campaign down the drain.

Being able to make changes when necessary while monitoring your online presence is a great asset and something that your business will benefit from. Not to mention, it saves you money!

Gaining Accurate Measurements

Each social media platform comes with an already built-in way to give you exact data on all your social media posts. What does this mean for your business? This data will show you the demographics and engagement rates on each of your posts. You won’t have to wonder if you’re finding those ideal customers—your online platforms will tell you directly.

Many social media platforms use something called “attribution modeling.” This method traces a customer’s first sale back to their first point of digital contact with your brand. Viewing the customer journey can help you to shape existing online content while also giving you ideas for new marketing materials.

It’s easy to see how many impressions, clicks, and likes are being generated by your social media posts, or how many visitors are coming to your website and from where. This information will help you grow each of your digital marketing platforms and your business.

Building Brand Legitimacy

Trust is huge for small businesses. An easy way to build trust with potential customers is through a solid online presence. This will involve a functional website, testimonials, and social media platforms that are active. If your business is missing one of these key components, you may be losing potential customers because they might not think your services are legitimate.

A strong online presence shows potential clients that your business is both established and trusted. When people come across your business online, make sure that your marketing efforts foster certainty instead of creating more questions.

Establishing Industry Relevancy

Being established in your niche is vital to your success. Create content that will draw in the audience you are looking for. Brainstorm pain points that your clients run into and use them to create content that will entice audiences. Use your industry knowledge to your advantage!

Look at the digital marketing of other local businesses in your niche. How do they create a following? What draws you in to their page specifically? Creating a social media strategy within your industry is a great way to expand your reach while fostering client loyalty.

Need help getting your digital marketing strategy started?

Technology has made it a very exciting time for small businesses, but we know it can be a headache. If your business is lacking on the digital marketing front and you’re to make a change, we’d be honored to step in and help!

At Collective Alternative, we don’t believe in throwing ideas out there to see what sticks. When you work with us, we’ll revolutionize your digital marketing efforts and create a comprehensive marketing strategy that’s as unique as your thumbprint. We’ll get you the results you need — or it’ll keep us up at night! Let’s schedule your FREE strategy session today to get started.