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What’s in Store in 2021

newsletter blog

2020 was something, wasn’t it? It was long and sometimes downright scary, but through it all we were able to pivot and work together to adjust approaches, implement new tactics and best promote our clients’ brands.

We’re eager to continue that innovation in 2021 and excited to share new tools, offerings and insight to further enhance marketing strategies and make business even more personal. Some of the projected marketing trends we’re seeing include:

  • Continuation of virtual events
    Although many of us are eager for face-to-face interaction, there will still be a place for virtual connection even after things are back to “normal”. Finding ways to incorporate both options will be key to keeping your audience engaged.
  • Voice search SEO
    As the use of Google Assistant, Siri and Alexa continues to increase, companies will want to look at how they can best optimize their web content for vocal search opportunities.
  • Conversation-based content marketing
    Effectively utilizing tools like chatbots give your customers the opportunity to “speak” directly to you and receive the information or solution they need.
  • Non-linear customer journeys
    Your clients’ purchase process, buying patterns and communication preferences are all different. Customizing your marketing options allows you to meet customers where they are at and lead them to a successful sale.

What does 2021 have in store for us? We might not know all the answers, but we’ll be here to help you through the challenges, adjust any marketing efforts and work together strategically to find success.

Here’s to a healthy, successful year!