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Why is My Website Important?

Whether you like it or not, your website serves as the backbone to all of your marketing efforts. It gives consumers who find your brand through social media, digital advertising or even word of mouth a clear idea of who you are, what you do and what your brand is all about…or at least it should.

When was the last time you invested into your small business’s website?

Did you know that the average lifespan of a website is only 2.5 years?

If your website has passed that dreaded 2.5 year mark, there’s a good chance it could benefit from anything from minor updates to a major overhaul. Our in-house design and development team will create a custom plan to bring you a site that is up to date, responsive, engaging, user friendly and — most importantly — helps you reach your goals.

How Does Web Design Work?

The Standard Way

The CA Way

How Do I Extend the Life of My Website?

Routine, ongoing maintenance and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) efforts are important tactics to keep your website up to date, following the latest local trends and implementing improvements. With everything we design and execute for your business, we strive to strategically boost your rankings, increase organic traffic and help you see a return on investment with positive results.
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