we love local

We LOVE Local

we love local
And we love our clients, too! Everything we do is centered around our love for small business and we’re not only passionate about driving business results, but showing our clients how much we appreciate them!

How do you love your customers?

Here are a few tips to show your clients some love and let them know you appreciate them:

  • Send a handwritten card. In today’s digital world, taking the time to write and send a thank you note to your customers can be much more meaningful and go a long way.
  • Offer a loyalty or referral program. Offering incentives or rewards is an easy way to show your clients you appreciate their recurring business.
  • Make time for communication. While seeing customers face-to-face might be a little more difficult for some right now, making an effort to ask clients about their current life events or just to check-in can make a lasting impact.
  • Don’t forget holidays. Send a message during common holidays like the Fourth of July or Thanksgiving. And, when possible, be sure to reach out during birthdays or personal milestones to show you are thinking of them.

When your clients love what you do and know they are valued, they will be much more likely to return, promote your business, refer others and more!