Web Trends 2023

Top Website Trends in 2023

In today’s technological landscape, having a website is essential for businesses of all sizes. Websites not only serve as an…

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Why Video Marketing is Essential for Your Business

Why Video Marketing is Essential for Your Business

In today’s fast-paced digital world, video marketing has become an essential tool for businesses to effectively engage with their target…

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social media marketing for small businesses

How Effective is Social Media Marketing for Small Businesses?

With over 4 billion active social media users worldwide, it’s hard to ignore the potential impact social media can have…

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why should small businesses use digital marketing

Why Should Small Businesses Use Digital Marketing?

It is more important than ever to utilize digital marketing as a small business. Technology has become an enormous part…

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small business marketing trends to focus on in 2023

Small Business Marketing Trends to Focus On in 2023

The start of a new year is the perfect time to reassess your marketing strategies and implement fresh ideas to reach new…

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the importance of planning your marketing 

The Importance of Planning Your Marketing 

As marketing professionals, we know that small business owners make countless important decisions every day. We also know that they’re…

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learn how to win clients with the help of an ad agency

Learn How to Win Clients with the Help of an Ad Agency

Struggling to grow your Indianapolis small business? Can’t figure out where to find more customers? Wondering how your competitors get…

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7 reasons why small businesses need email marketing

7 Reasons Why Small Businesses Need Email Marketing

Any small business owner knows that business success relies on securing new customers and ensuring existing ones come back. We…

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get more customers with these effective local business marketing solutions

Get More Customers with These Effective Local Business Marketing Solutions

You’ve worked hard building up your small business and now you’re ready to start marketing… so what do you do?…

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8 reasons why seo matters for your small business

8 Reasons Why SEO Matters for Your Small Business

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7YqeOJ87YKs With more than two billion websites in existence, it’s almost impossible for someone to find your small business when…

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4 reasons you should constantly innovate your website

4 Reasons You Should Constantly Innovate Your Website

Even after your small business has closed for the day, your website is still working hard to bring more customers…

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top 7 reasons you should work with a professional marketing agency

Top 7 Reasons You should Work with a Professional Marketing Agency

In today’s day and age, it takes more than just word of mouth advertising to make money as a small…

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generating leads for your small business

Generating Leads for Your Small Business

As a small business owner, we know you’re under a lot of pressure to keep your business afloat. You want…

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how to get the most out of your media

How to Get the Most Out of Your Media

In today’s day and age, online audiences are bombarded with messaging and information every second they’re logged on. As a…

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5 reasons to hire marketing firm

5 Reasons to Hire a Full-Service Marketing Agency

As a small business owner who wears multiple hats, most of your energy goes towards keeping your business afloat: Financial…

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how to create a strong social media presence for your business

How to Create a Strong Social Media Presence for Your Business

Nowadays, it’s almost impossible to find a brand without a social media presence. …but it’s also just as easy to…

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defining your target audience

Defining Your Target Audience

With years of experience building custom marketing strategies for small businesses, we know how it is to feel lost when…

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5 reasons you should start a podcast for your business

5 reasons you should start a podcast for your business

As marketing professionals, we know that the media landscape is everchanging. We also know that people are busy. With never-ending…

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online is easy, but the enemy of local

Online is easy, but the enemy of local.

Fall is in full swing. You know how I love my summer months and pool days, but I enjoy fall…

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Ever look at your business and think…”What’s Next?”

Ever look at your business and think…”What’s Next?”

COVID caused its own type of PTSD for entrepreneurs, with a main symptom being a hesitancy in planning; planning for…

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13 years

Celebrating 13 Years

When I first started this company thirteen years ago, I bought into every misconception of being a business owner. You…

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branding agencie

Collective Alternative Named Top Branding Agency

Collective Alternative has been recognized among the top 30 best branding agencies in Indianapolis in 2021 by DesignRush. DesignRush is a…

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are you ready to make a comeback

Are you ready to make a comeback?

Cancelled events, stay-at-home orders, limited capacity, decreased travel… The stress of business owners having to lessen operations and even temporarily…

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how do you show #loveofsmallbiz

How do you show your #loveofsmallbiz?

FOR THE #LOVEOFSMALLBIZ It has been a year since a national emergency was declared due to the COVID-19 pandemic and…

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celebrating international womenday

Celebrating International Women’s Day

CELEBRATING COLLECTIVE ALTERNATIVE’S LEADERSHIP Did you know that only two percent of agencies have an all women leadership team? At…

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we love local

We LOVE Local

And we love our clients, too! Everything we do is centered around our love for small business and we’re not…

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newsletter blog

What’s in Store in 2021

2020 was something, wasn’t it? It was long and sometimes downright scary, but through it all we were able to…

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Marketing Roi R1

Marketing ROI

As we head in to 2021, being data-driven is no longer enough to generate an exceptional marketing  strategy. The days…

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Email Marketing

The Top 4 Benefits of Email Marketing

No matter how many marketing opportunities arise across new digital horizons, smartphone apps or other emerging avenues, one trusty communication…

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Social Medias

Which Social Media Platforms Are Right for Your Business?

Remember the painful days when “social networking” meant awkwardly pacing around a room trying to chit chat enough to eventually…

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Audience Research & Target Marketing | Collective Alternative

The More You Know: Audience Research for Defining Your Target Market

Who is your product or service created for? What are the common attributes or characteristics individuals share that make them…

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Video Marketing to Connect with Customers In The New Normal

How to Use Video Marketing to Connect with Customers In The New Normal

In this “new normal” connecting with your customers may seem like a giant hurdle to overcome. With many of the…

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Defining Your Brand

https://youtu.be/XHfjj_LvXNY Don’t waste your only chance at a first impression with a brand story that doesn’t make sense or align…

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Bird in Hand | Collective Alternative

The Bird in the Hand Vs. Two in the Bush: Retaining & Gaining Customers Amid COVID-19

Now more than ever before, customer loyalty is being put to the ultimate test. As the coronavirus crisis continues, absolutely…

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Support for the small businesses

For the #loveofsmallbiz

As the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic touches us all, we’ve seen its effects ripple through the small business community. We’ve all…

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Blog to Build Your Small Business

Blog to Build Your Small Business

From running your company, managing teams and making sales to developing leads, empowering your employees and so much more, we…

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Small Business Owner? Here’s Why You NEED to Use LinkedIn!

Some of us still remember when social media was about nothing more than likes, shares, memes and cute photos of…

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Small Business Marketing Trends to Focus on in 2020

The New Year is a perfect time to reassess your marketing strategies and implement new ideas as you stay ahead…

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Small-Business Blogs Entrepreneurs Should be Reading

Running your own small business keeps you constantly on your toes, wearing many hats and juggling varying responsibilities. Sometimes you…

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Local Marketing Strategies That Can Grow Your Customer Base

The national marketing campaigns of Fortune 500 companies are interesting to analyze and might be enticing to try and duplicate,…

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Love for Local | Collective Alternative

Sharing Our Love for Local

It’s no secret that Collective Alternative LOVES local.  We’d shout it from the mountaintops (if Indiana had mountaintops)!  We’re taking…

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SEO 101: Tips for establishing a solid online presence

One of the hottest buzzword phrases in internet marketing is “SEO,” or “search engine optimization.” It sounds important (it is!),…

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Improve your company culture and watch productivity soar

At Collective Alternative, our company culture stems from the adoption of six core values — characteristics we strive to uphold…

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A Story with No Words: How Design Propels your Business

We’ve all heard the saying, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” But really, it should read, “Visual elements are…

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Influencer Marketing | Collective Alternative

The Cool Kid at the Table: Influencer Marketing 101

Being a marketer is a lot like joining a fan club. You know everything there is to know about your…

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Email Marketing Mistakes | Collective Alternative

4 Email Mistakes Almost Every Business Makes

Memos and instant messages dominate the world of business communication. Every day, employees and employers exchange a variety of information…

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Amanda Parker - Founder of Collective Alternative

Amanda’s Advice: Lessons Learned from the Founder of Collective Alternative

Small businesses are the foundation of local communities. They provide jobs, services and goods that keep towns populated and operating.…

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The Importance of Diversity in Media

Media outlets have gained an incredibly powerful influence over the past 50 years. With the rise of technology, individuals are…

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Collective Alternative

New Year, New You: Making the Most of your Social Media

Social media is always adapting, developing and changing. Algorithms used by Instagram, Facebook and Twitter make predicting the distribution of…

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Local Marketing Strategy | Collective Alternative

Strategy As Unique As Your Thumbprint

Take out the guesswork. Don’t shoot in the dark. Guide your efforts on a customized roadmap to ensure maximum ROI…

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3 Benefits of a Full-Service Marketing Firm

Advertising. Sponsorships. Social media. Press releases. Search engine optimization. As your company grows, it’s hard to stay current with every…

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10 Year Anniversary Party

What better way to celebrate than with food trucks, including Gigi’s Cupcakes, Box Burger and Vinny’s Wine Bar, live music,…

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The CA Way

For Collective Alternative’s 10th birthday, we blew out the candles, indulged in some cupcakes and even threw a one-of-a-kind party. But…

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Collective Alternative’s Owner and President Named One of Indianapolis’ Leading Women In Business

We are so excited to share that our leader, Amanda Parker is named one of Indianapolis’ Leading Women in Business…

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How One Local Business Owner Embraced Her Short Life Expectancy and Found Success

INDIANAPOLIS, IN (September 13, 2018) – 20 years ago, local business owner Amanda Parker, wasn’t sure what the next day…

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Collective Alternative Celebrates Ten Years in Business

INDIANAPOLIS, IN (August 2, 2018) – Ten years ago, a new kind of marketing agency launched in Indianapolis—one that was…

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Scientific Companies Battle Effective Online Communications

For companies operating in highly regulated industries, such as healthcare, life sciences and pharmaceuticals, the pressure to grow and build…

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Is Your Business Rocking Your Company Vision? Or Are You the Only One Who Knows What You Stand For?

As a business owner, you get it. You know everything about your business because it’s your idea. It’s your baby.…

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Collective Alternative core values

Living Our Values, Leaving Our Mark

Integrity. Transparency. Initiative. Accountability. Relationships. Partnership. These core values are the fabric of CA. When we’re all living by the…

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Amanda Parker, Founder of Collective Alternative is the cover story of 16th issue of Current Geist

Alternative Expertise

We are so excited to share that our fearless leader, Amanda Parker, is the cover story for the October 16th…

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From the President’s Desk: Advice for New Marketing Professionals

In just a few weeks, thousands of fresh-out-of-college graduates will be entering “the real world,” many of whom want to…

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Is ‘Our Brand is Crisis’ the Daily Mantra in Your Company (Culture)?

A comedic political movie, “Our Brand Is Crisis,” opened on October 30, 2016, in theatres nationwide. It stars Sandra Bullock…

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Collective Alternative Hosts First Puppy Paw-ty to benefit ASPCA

At Collective Alternative, we love our pups just as much as we love marketing and helping local businesses grow. So…

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Amanda Parker Named Avatar of the Year by NAWBO

December 19, 2016 (Indianapolis, IN) – Amanda Parker, founder and president of Collective Alternative, a full-service marketing, advertising and public…

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