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The Cool Kid at the Table: Influencer Marketing 101

Influencer Marketing | Collective Alternative

Being a marketer is a lot like joining a fan club. You know everything there is to know about your clients, you talk about them all the time and you constantly tell everyone why they are the best. And sometimes, you’ll draw in a few more members that do exactly the same things as you.

This is influencer marketing.

It’s the job of a full-service marketing firm to tell your story. Whether it be through social media, traditional public relations or some other form of storytelling. You want to make sure that you are reaching the necessary audiences, while expanding your reach to new areas. Sometimes, this can be difficult to do alone.

Put yourself in this situation. You’re a personal trainer that works with a lot of middle-aged men. However, you want to start getting more clients that are women. How can an agency help? They can find a blogger that writes about the struggles of being a working mom. This person will now be your influencer. They will meet with you and learn why you are the perfect match for women in the area. Maybe it’s because you have a flexible schedule or a background in women’s health. Either way – with influencer marketing – your goal will be for them to write a positive blog supporting your business.

Working with an influencer.

Unlike a celebrity endorsement, influencers can be anywhere. They can be the President of a book club or a hobbyist writer that really enjoys good food. There is no cap to what creates credibility. Overall, whoever you choose needs a large following and a known track record as a thought leader in the area you’re looking to promote.

An influencer has spent several months – if not years – cultivating their own personal brand and reputation. So naturally, they will be very wary of any external promotions. They can also be protective of their followers making sure what they promote will be beneficial.

Influencer marketing is not a quick, end-all solution to reaching a new audience. Much like other long-term plans, though, it can be incredibly effective. Once you ally yourself with an influencer, you will need to start earning their trust and respect. This can take quite a bit of time.

Ultimately, an influencer has the final say in how they talk about you. It’s hard to trust that they are saying what you need them to about your brand. Finding someone that is mature and professional can be a great way to work around this. Using inconsiderate or offensive language will make you lose respect in the industry – even if the overall story was positive! This is what makes influencer marketing a challenging strategy.

Influencer marketing advantages:

  • New audiences are reached
  • Your business gains credibility
  • Strong connections are created
  • Working with one person versus many
  • Innovative marketing style

Clients need to get one-on-one attention because there is no cookie-cutter solution to every marketing or communications issue. If you can benefit from working with an influencer, then you need to connect with a firm that knows how to form connections, make relationships and keep matters personal.

You need a firm like us.

Not only do we keep business personal at Collective Alternative, but we also keep it professional. Our clients can say with confidence that there is a team of dedicated members working to share and promote their brand. We’ll learn your business inside and out to develop a comprehensive marketing strategy that is custom to you; all while building a meaningful relationship that leads your business down a path to success.

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