Sam Elliott

Sam Elliott

Content Specialist

I’ve always loved shopping local and connecting with my community through the small businesses that give an area its unique flavor and personality. As soon as I found CA, I knew it was the perfect place for me to put my talents to use and break into the larger world of marketing and public relations.

Sam’s a 10-year veteran of the journalism industry, where he fell in love with telling the stories of small business owners, their passions, projects and experiences for local newspapers. He’s a thorough writer, dedicated to researching everything about our clients in order to artfully craft the messages their customers need to hear.


  • Hometown: Cincinnati, Ohio.
  • Education: University of Cincinnati – Journalism & Business
  • Joined Collective Alternative in 2019

Sam’s a fan of great stories in any genre — meaning he owns approximately 1,000+ comic books and counting. Shopping for Sam is easy and whenever his wife Brittini needs a gift idea, there’s one can’t-go-wrong solution: LEGO. Also a sports nut and fan of all things Cincinnati, Sam still painfully remembers coming home from school in 2000 when his mom him told UC Bearcats basketball star Kenyon Martin had broken his leg in the Conference USA tournament, derailing the team’s national championship hopes. He cried. Sam loves writing great content, but his proudest professional accomplishment is winning the 2019 Collective Alternative Holiday Cookie Bake-Off Championship.