kristen holcomb

Kristen Millward

Creative Strategist

Seeing the excitement a business owner gets out of their brand coming to life is what makes me love what I do.

Website stuck in the past? Kristen’s the one you want to not just drag it into the present, but build you an entire internet presence for a strong digital future. She has the unique ability to extrapolate a full vision for marketing, web design and more from one kernel of an idea. Kristen asks just the right questions to get the gears turning in clients’ heads to assess their business and branding in ways even they hadn’t thought of previously.


  • Hometown: Royal Center, Indiana
  • Education: IUPUI – Media Arts & Sciences
  • Joined Collective Alternative in 2014

Talented both in the office and in the kitchen, Kristen doesn’t let her milestone of hitting four years without eating sugary treats keep her from being a strong competitor in the annual CA Christmas cookie bake-off. She’s been a top contender four years running. If you get a visit from the CA elves this year, be sure to sample her delicious — and aesthetically pleasing — creations! Speaking of accomplishments, she’s also a proud mom to adorable daughter Rowen, who is already well on her way to running the world and has professed she’ll one day be Amanda’s boss. When she gets time to herself, Kristen’s always checking out the latest, craziest true crime murder mystery show or interesting, off-beat documentaries. She’ll take any and all suggestions, but chances are she’s already seen it!