Kristen Hoyt

Content Director

Small businesses help to establish a community’s personality and provide invaluable services, resources, and employment for its residents. At CA, I have the privilege of getting to know businessowners from a wide variety of industries and perform meaningful work that helps local businesses and communities grow and thrive.

Born and raised in Southern California, Kristen has had the privilege of living in several different states, including Georgia, Virginia, Texas, and Indiana. She enjoys sightseeing in new places and experiencing the various local cultures that exist throughout the United States. In addition to traveling (preferably via road trips), Kristen enjoys reading dystopian fiction, spending quality time with her family, training her dogs, and just added “learn how to knit and embroider” to her bucket list.

Fast Facts:

  • Hometown: Corona, CA (in between Los Angeles and San Diego)
  • Education: Master of Arts in Strategic Communication from Regent University
  • Joined CA in November 2023

Encouraged by a former supervisor to pursue a career that leveraged her passion for written and verbal communication, Kristen entered the world of marketing after a 10-year career in administrative work. She enjoys the variety that comes with marketing – particularly at Collective Alternative – and loves getting to know clients and producing content that captures their unique voices and moves them toward their business development goals.