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Katie Clevenger

Social Media Strategist

CA has helped me grow in an ever-evolving industry with a dynamic team that thrives on collaboration and innovation. From connecting communities in ways that redefine engagement to creating new strategies for each client, every day a rewarding experience.

An Indiana native, Katie brings a wealth of social media expertise to our Content Team. When she’s not hard at work crafting social media strategies, Katie enjoys spending time with her husband of nine years, Jordan, and their two cats, Shadow and Artemis, playing tabletop, video, and online games. Their shared favorite is Dungeons and Dragons.  

Fast Facts:

  • Hometown: Arcadia, IN 
  • Education: Bachelor of Arts from Indiana University of Indianapolis (formerly IUPUI) in Journalism with a Minor in Writing and Literacy 
  • Joined CA in March 2024 

Katie enjoys coming up with innovative ways to build engagement and tell client brand stories via the various social media platforms. The best part of her job is seeing how her content helps our clients connect with their target audiences.