Gw Headshot

Gabe Weaver

Visual Media Designer

It's really rewarding to see the impact the CA team has on clients and how our efforts go on to substantially impact their businesses and lives both now and in the future. When we say we're Marking Business Personal®, we mean it!

With creative experience ranging from corporate-level work to personal passion projects — like as the designer for a local hard rock band — Gabe’s design insight and technical expertise help our clients stand out and make lasting first impressions with strong, defined brands.


  • Hometown: Selma, Indiana
  • Education: Ball State University – Visual Communication
  • Joined Collective Alternative in 2020

He may be clean-cut now, but Gabe used to rock long, luscious locks that rivaled his wife Katie’s hair length. Gabe’s a huge Colts, college basketball and relaxing-at-home-with-the-dogs fan, but he also loves taking the family camper out to forests and campgrounds across Indiana — unless he has to put it in reverse. Gabe can’t back up the camper to save his life and it inevitably becomes at least a two-person job every time. Gabe’s always quick to compliment his wife’s fingernail color and is good with his own hands, too — he’s a skilled photographer, woodworker and even has the coolest homemade jorts this side of the ’80s.