Amanda Parker

President and Founder,
Collective Alternative

Collective Alternative’s founder and president Amanda Parker takes pride in sharing the knowledge and expertise she’s gained in her 20+ years in the marketing industry. Amanda was the recipient of the 2016 Avatar of the Year by the Indianapolis chapter of the National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO), a notable award given to women under the age of 40 who represent innovative leadership and community involvement in all facets of business ownership. Her proven track record of success and experience in leading a growing agency has received recognition in a variety of publications and she is excited to share her insight with you.

If you’d like to invite Amanda to speak at your event, please contact us and you’ll hear from us soon.

Presentation Topics:

The Best Yes

What’s the best piece of advice for business owners just starting out or those who are looking to make a big leap? Concentrate on your “best yes”. While it may seem that every opportunity is a good one, it’s important to remember that not every client, job or contract is right for you. And when you take something that isn’t your “best yes”, you’re taking that opportunity away from somebody else who it is right for. Rather than jumping at every opportunity that crosses your path, determine and concentrate on what’s right for you, and everything will fall into place. Your “best yes” may be right around the corner.

The Essential Marketing Step Most Often Overlooked

Are you throwing money at marketing campaigns and crossing your fingers they’ll pay off? Do you have a plan in place that can help you analyze and track the success of your marketing efforts? A comprehensive marketing strategy is crucial to the growth, sustainability and success of your organization. Taking time to map out basic, short-term and long-term goals that are drawn from market research and formulating the specific actions you’ll take to monitor and assess progress can help you create momentum for your organization, achieve maximum profit and lead your organization to success.

Sales Styles: Finding the Approach That’s Right for You

While many people experience either an adrenaline rush or cold sweats when it comes to sales, one thing is for sure: an effective approach to selling is crucial to the stability and growth of your business. While transactional selling is often used to drum up sales quickly without a need to nurture the customer relationship, relational selling focuses on building rapport and developing long-term relationships for repeat business. Regardless of the products and services your business offers, understanding the different sales styles and how you can approach your next prospect can bring you and your business major benefits.

How To Stand Out In A Digital World

Do you own your own business? Do you use social media effectively to drive your brand? What you say matters. But how you say it matters more. Your customers want to feel like they know you and you know them. They want a customer experience that’s aligned with their values. They want over-the-top service how and when they want it. Having a better understanding of the social media landscape, what your customers expect from you and how you can stand out from your competitors are critical for your success.

Marketing For Tomorrow

The most common misconception about marketing is that it can solve your business troubles today. Maybe it can, to a degree. But, marketing is about tomorrow. How are you adjusting to the shift that’s happening in our marketplace? From Baby Boomers to Millennials to Generation Z, the transition in how they research, process and consume information is different. Yesterday’s methods won’t work for tomorrow. If you’re wanting to grow and expand in your current market, ask yourself if you have a viable marketing strategy for the upcoming generation. Having an understanding of what’s next for your business and how you approach your marketing can set you up for success for years to come.