What is Social Media?

Things have changed from the painful days when “social networking” meant awkwardly pacing around a room trying to chit chat enough to eventually get a lead or two.

Today, the internet’s most popular social media platforms have evolved from simply sharing status updates with friends and family into places for finding and engaging with customers, sharing latest company information and providing another way to enhance your company’s online presence. Not to mention acting as a one-stop hub for news, arts, entertainment, discovery and shopping! 

The bottom line: social media is real, big business.

How Does Social Media Marketing Work?

The Standard Way

The CA Way

Why is Social Media Important?


20 %

of people worldwide consider themselves active social media users.


50 %

of online adults ages 18-34 follow businesses on social media. With older generations quickly catching up!


40 %

of consumers say they’re likely to recommend a brand following a positive social media interaction with them.

Social media continues to evolve and has proven itself to be a vital part of any marketing strategy. But effectively navigating the changes of social media, not to mention creating content for various channels, can feel like an additional full-time job for small business executives already swamped with responsibilities.

Used effectively, social media helps you connect directly with customers, increase brand awareness, boost leads and attract new sales. Our experts can carefully assess your current social media activity to create a custom strategy that best tells your story, reaches the right audience and enhances your social media presence.

Our efforts don’t just stop at content creation, scheduling and posting. We actively monitor your various social media channels to engage with any comments, reviews or customer messages in a timely and professional manner.

Ready to reach your audience on their own online turf?