Small Business Owner? Here’s Why You NEED to Use LinkedIn!

Some of us still remember when social media was about nothing more than likes, shares, memes and cute photos of your kids.

But these days, the internet’s most popular platforms have evolved into valuable streams for reaching customers and growing your brand through digital word-of-mouth. Even for local, small companies, social media has become big business.

When it comes to using social media for business-to-consumer and especially business-to-business lead generation, LinkedIn has long been considered the best option. The “professional” social network started off as a go-to site for job seekers and remains a valuable resource for furthering individual careers, but over time it’s evolved to also become a great tool for growing small businesses.

More than 40% of LinkedIn’s 260 million active monthly users log into the site on a daily basis. LinkedIn research shows that half of users report they’re more likely to buy from a company they engage with on the platform, while 93% of business-to-business marketers consider it to be the most effective website for lead generation.

Long story short: If you’re a small business owner, you NEED to be utilizing LinkedIn among your company’s marketing efforts.

Here’s why:

LinkedIn builds both your professional and personal brands

A well-curated, active and up-to-date LinkedIn Company Page establishes your small business as a legitimate enterprise that customers can trust doing business with.

Your own personal LinkedIn profile is just as important. Customers enjoy engaging with, supporting and doing business with people, not just logos and faceless corporations. Put some personality into your individual LinkedIn profile, seek out recommendations and skill endorsements, and be sure to include all your company’s important details so that as you build your network and connections, you have two profiles working on your business’s behalf.

LinkedIn keeps you up-to-date on your industry

As a business owner, you’re busy! It can be difficult keeping up with all the latest news, industry trends and latest developments that can have important effects on your business, customers and prospects.

Fill your network with thought leaders and influencers. Follow vendors, partners and even your competitors for valuable insights into your industry’s day-to-day landscape. Browse your news feed regularly to see what’s important to your network and dig deeper into any trending hashtags or topics relevant to your business.

LinkedIn leads to new partnership opportunities

Speaking of your LinkedIn network, mine it for relationships that can help grow your business! By asking people you trust to introduce you to vendors or other businesses they work with, you could uncover the next mutually beneficial partnership that takes your business to the next level.

LinkedIn lets you establish yourself as an authority

You didn’t become a small business owner by accident — you’re an expert in your industry! LinkedIn’s expansive publishing options let you share your expertise via written articles, images or video, helping establish you and your business as a go-to resource in your field.

“Salesy” approaches don’t always work well on LinkedIn, but what does is content that shows users you know what you’re talking about and proves you can be trusted. If you’re naturally providing your network valuable insight and engaging content, leads will generate themselves organically over time!

If you’re new to social media and digital networking for lead generation, LinkedIn might seem like a vast, intimidating ocean of the unknown. We can help.

At Collective Alternative, we make LinkedIn an important part of our clients’ strategy. Interested in learning how we could put LinkedIn to work for you and your business? Let’s connect for a FREE strategy session today!

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