What is a PR Agency?

With successful backgrounds spanning newspapers, radio, online publishing and local TV news, our public relations team members have been on the receiving end of thousands of media pitches, press releases and story inquiries.

We know what works and what doesn’t — and now we’re the ones pitching your organization to local and national outlets in order to secure the stage and spotlight it deserves.

What Does a Public Relations Firm Do?

The Standard Way

The CA Way

Why Hire a PR Agency?

Our public relations professionals are skilled and experienced communications experts. The relationships we’ve built with local media outlets are expansive and unparalleled, and we know just how to craft a pitch or press release to catch a reporter’s eye.

With a sharp focus on strategy, we bring a fresh, outside perspective into your organization to identify the opportunities and stories of interest that can influence media coverage and attract your target audience.

Public relations projects aren’t just a one-time transaction. As your business gains brand awareness, opportunities can snowball with momentum over time. By creating content that “grows legs” — in addition to a press release being picked up for local TV coverage, it can be used for a blog post on your website or mined for social media content, email messages, in-house video and more — we ensure your message is received by as many consumers as possible.

Nothing is more important than your reputation. From media relations and training to crisis PR, we’ll represent your business as if it were our own. In addition to broadcasting your brand in the best possible light, we’re also calculated social listeners. Collective Alternative monitors your company’s entire digital footprint, making sure online reviews and social media engagements are positive so that when your name is out there, your reputation is protected.

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