Local Marketing Strategies That Can Grow Your Customer Base

The national marketing campaigns of Fortune 500 companies are interesting to analyze and might be enticing to try and duplicate, but a small business can discover more effective growth and success with focused efforts — and dollars — on local marketing strategies that go to work in their own backyard.

If you haven’t heard by now, we have a love for all things local at Collective Alternative. Small businesses are the lifeblood of our communities — but without understanding the local landscape or recognizing opportunities for local marketing strategies to take root, too many unfortunately don’t survive.

There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to small-business marketing efforts, which is why we tailor our clients’ local marketing strategies to the products and services they provide, the audience they’re targeting and goals for their growth. But there are some courses of action that can benefit any business at the local level:

Get involved in your community

Customers like doing business with people and companies they know. Be active and get your name out there by attending or sponsoring neighborhood events, volunteering with local charitable causes or partnering with other area businesses any way you can.

Prioritize customer service

Every transaction with every customer is an opportunity to wow them with personal service and leave them impressed with your business. Not only will that help encourage them to keep coming back, but they’ll also be more likely to tell their friends, family and others of the positive experience. Word-of-mouth referrals, both face-to-face and through online ratings and reviews, organically bring in customers with momentum — but only if they have good things to say about you and their experience in the first place.

Establish loyalty and referral programs

More than just the classic punch card for every fifth coffee or 10th sandwich free, loyal customers love to feel valued and appreciated, so make sure they know they are and be sure your rewards program is simple and easy for them to participate in. While loyalty programs help you retain existing customers, referral promotions entice them to do your marketing work for you and bring new leads into your business.

Attend and participate in networking, educational and public speaking events

Get in a room with like-minded professionals and local leaders and you might be surprised at the connections you can make. Even if you aren’t a confident public speaker or don’t want to present, be prepared to network and treat every new connection like it’s a big deal and important opportunity for your business.

On the lookout for such an event? Allow us to recommend Collective Alternative’s Executive Speaker Series. Each month, Indianapolis-area business leaders offer their unique insights into the local business landscape — from understanding financial reports and encouraging employee engagement to improving your online presence and enhancing the client experience and more. Each month’s free session includes a new special presenter and featured topic, and we’re currently coordinating our 2020 lineup!

Engage with the experts

The preceding local marketing strategies are a great start, but the digital world is vast and overwhelming and the connections vital to your business can be difficult to make.

Covering everything from your Google My Business listing and website search engine optimization to social media management, targeted email marketing, public relations opportunities and so much more — we might not believe in a one-size-fits-all approach, but we are a one-stop shop for the comprehensive marketing, advertising and public relations services and solutions your business needs.

Developing an individual, unique strategy for every business we work with is the core of what we do. Your small business is one of a kind — and your marketing strategy should be, too! Instead of throwing money at cookie-cutter solutions and seeing what sticks, we’re dedicated to creating custom-tailored and grassroots marketing strategies that will help your business make an impact on your customers, your industry and your community.

Ready to experience The CA Way and learn more about the local marketing strategies we can bring your small business?

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