Is Your Business Rocking Your Company Vision? Or Are You the Only One Who Knows What You Stand For?

As a business owner, you get it. You know everything about your business because it’s your idea. It’s your baby. You’ve put in the hours of sweat equity, creating the perfect business model and writing an unwavering mission and vision statement.

Then it happens. The great American Success Story.

Yet somewhere along the line, positive profits often overtake passionate purpose. The message of what your company believes in gets lost in the shuffle of spreadsheets and the daily grind. Suddenly, your employees and customers are unaware that you are a values-driven company, confused about your key message and most unfortunately—don’t realize that you’re aligned with their values.

It Starts from Within

As an employee, I’ve known my 30-second elevator speech to describe Collective Alternative since day 1. It starts with three simple, yet powerful words that are at the heart of our core: Making Business Personal®.  It’s because when I first met Amanda Parker, Owner and President of CA, she shared her personal story. After 10+ years in the marketing industry, she grew tired of hearing from her boss that she was ‘too vested’ in her clients—attitudes reflecting the old adage of ‘it’s not personal, it’s just business.’ From that moment on, she lived by this core value every day, making sure it’s the driving force behind CA and integrated into every discussion we have with our team, our clients and the community.

Your mission and vision shouldn’t be a secret known only by you. Your employees should experience a company culture where they know what you stand for and where you vision is taking them. Crucial to your ongoing success is that your employees feel fully engaged, see the big picture and cultivate a culture of creativity and innovation at every level in order to deliver comprehensive, tailored solutions for your clients.

  • How well do your employees know your mission and vision statement?
  • Could someone walk into your business today and ask your employees what your company values are and get correct, consistent answers?
  • Do your employees realize your company’s direction and how they fit into that vision?

Define it, Communicate it, Live it

There’s a reason companies like Zappos, one of the world’s most recognized values-driven companies, are realizing success. In addition to focusing on the customer experience, their customers know their company values and culture. Zappos’ values are incorporated into everything they do. Their employees demonstrate them every day. These values are clearly posted on their website and woven into all facets of their marketing plan.

Making Business Personal® for us is so much more to us than an empty slogan. It’s who we are—navigating us through challenges, guiding us toward strategic, comprehensive solutions and forging long-lasting relationships with our clients.

No matter the size of your company, the same must be a priority for you. Whether it’s on a phone call, a face-to-face meeting or delivering a product or service, your customers must understand your culture, values and vision and how you can better their lives.

  • Do your customers know who you are and what you represent when it comes to aligning your values and vision with theirs?
  • Is your key message innovative and cutting edge, yet clear, concise and consistent?
  • Are you taking that message and building their trust and loyalty into a long-lasting relationship?

Collective Alternative can help make sure you’re creating a connected company culture within, while at the same time, communicating your message to your customers.  A cohesive marketing plan will let them know that you’re thinking about their pain points, delivering forward-thinking solutions, grabbing opportunities in their marketplace and building long-term relationships.