Ever look at your business and think…”What’s Next?”

Ever look at your business and think…”What’s Next?”

Ever look at your business and think…”What’s Next?”

COVID caused its own type of PTSD for entrepreneurs, with a main symptom being a hesitancy in planning; planning for recruitment needs, growth strategies and the overall future of their businesses.

So many entrepreneurs are looking at this tumultuous world we are living in and thinking “What’s next?” or “What’s the point of planning?” because they can’t anticipate a normalcy. That’s no way to look at your business and it’s certainly not an effective way to prepare for a successful year or a prosperous future.

Spoiler alert: There will never be a normalcy in this world and there will never be a steady. Planning for the unexpected, and being ready to adjust when necessary, should be your new “normal.”

This is how we survive the ups and downs! It’s how we progress past challenges, navigate through difficulties and battle hardships on our business owner journey. It’s how we stand out from our competition.So what’s left to do? Look toward the future! I challenge all of you to start thinking about what you want 2022 to look like. Remember why you started your business in the first place… what did you want from it? What was your purpose? And now, where do you go from here?

Who is your target demographic? Is it shifting? Are the actions of the past couple years changing what your ideal market looks like? Right now, millennials are hitting their prime and Gen Z is coming into the market at a rapid pace, setting up their own livelihoods. Are you considering these demographics and are you prepared to market to them? Have you changed your messaging to fulfill their interests? Believe me, they are all about working with businesses they can identify with.

So, I challenge you… start thinking about 2022.

Who do you want to market to? How do you want to do that? What do you want to accomplish in your business through your marketing?

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Amanda Parker
President & Owner