Do You Need A Strategic Partner To Get Things Done?

What Do You Look For In A Marketing Team?

Collective Alternative will walk you through it. Download our FREE guide to learn why your business needs to outsource its marketing team and the top 10 questions to ask when interviewing them. There’s a lot to choose from, and we want to make sure you make the right decision for your unique business needs.

What Does Your Business Need?

Collective Alternative specializes in marketing, public relations and advertising for Indiana local businesses. We know Hoosiers are doing incredible things every day, and we want to help spread their message and tell their story.

Strategy is our specialty, because without a plan, you’re just throwing money at the wall to see what sticks. The Collective Alternative team is committed to learning the ins and outs of your business, producing results and showing you the CA Way.

For our client’s businesses, we provide everything they need to get the highest return on their investments, and make sure everyone knows what they do and why they do it best

Advertising Agency | Collective Alternative
Your target audience has never been more bombarded with advertisements than they are today. Strategic ad placement has become a science, while crafting a message that breaks through the noise is an art. We’ve developed the right formulas for both to get results.
We know what works and what doesn’t — and we want to pitch your business or organization to local and national outlets in order to secure the stage and spotlight it deserves.
Our skilled and experienced in-house designers draw from everything we learn about you, your team, the business’s mission, culture and values to artfully craft imagery that inspires a respected first impression and stands out to your audience.
Web Design & Development
Your website serves as the backbone to all of your marketing efforts. It gives consumers who find your brand through social media, digital advertising or even word of mouth a clear idea of who you are, what you do and what your brand is all about.
Social media helps you connect with customers, increase brand awareness, boost leads and attract new sales. Our experts can carefully assess your current social media activity to create a custom strategy that best tells your story, reaches the right audience and enhances your social media presence.

With quality content that is updated and optimized properly, your business will see greater searchability, improved visibility and better opportunities to convert website visitors into customers.

Expanding Beyond Your Walls

What does the average small business marketing team look like? A few people juggling all of the services above and more. Factor in ensuring good returns on investments, efficient planning and workflow, and it can weigh heavily on any business.

As a result, companies are looking to outsource to marketing partners for maximum ROI, quality, customization, strategy and implementation to help simplify and unify their overall marketing effort. Find out what to look for from an all-service marketing team with our free downloadable guide.


You Care About Your Business. Your Marketing Team Should Too.

How Are We Making Business Personal?

Our love for local is evident in every aspect of our business make-up, and is driven by the six core values we share with our clients: Integrity, Transparency, Initiative, Accountability, Relationships and Partnership.

At Collective Alternative, we don’t just serve small business – we’re your advocate. We’re proud to call Indiana our home and believe in its communities.

Get A Free Strategy Session!

Are you unsure of what an effective marketing strategy looks like?

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