Case Study – H•E Homes

At Collective Alternative, we don’t do cookie-cutter marketing, advertising and public relations solutions.

As the owner of H•E Homes, Andrew Brindley doesn’t build cookie-cutter houses.

Andrew’s small company builds beautiful downtown Indianapolis homes, but was struggling to connect with quality leads and build his brand in a fractalized homebuilding industry. The archaic process of hiring realtors to sell houses wasn’t effectively reaching the audience H•E Homes was interested in working with.

Collective Alternative and H•E Homes started an official relationship in early 2019, but first met more than a year earlier during a Builders Association of Greater Indianapolis (BAGI) event.

“We just never followed up. However, over the next year Collective Alternative started working with BAGI so I saw what they were doing, I connected with two other CA clients and they all spoke really highly of their relationship,” Andrew says. “As we met, they really took the time to demonstrate the relationship they wanted to build, the quality we could expect and how CA goes above and beyond.”

Increasing H•E Homes’ online presence was one of the company’s first priorities in its new relationship with our local team.

“With Facebook and digital media, we had been doing posts getting zero engagement in any way, shape or form,” Andrew says. “We’d been trying to direct people to like our page or view or website, but clearly we had no idea what we were doing because we were seeing anywhere between five and 20 monthly viewers to our Facebook page. The first month that Collective Alternative was on board with us, we had over 1,200 people visit our Facebook page and we’ve been trending up ever since.

The company’s website,, was a similar story.

“We just weren’t generating any leads,” Andrew says. “You guys are the experts when it comes to SEO and things that I don’t even begin to know. We were seeing anywhere from 20 to 100 website views per month, regardless of leads. With our website traffic now, we are into thousands of visitors every month. That took a little time to build, but at the same time we can see it’s being handled well.”

A third important component strengthening the relationship with H•E Homes is our approach to marketing strategy and brand development. Andrew admits he’s ruthless when it comes to H•E Homes’ brand standards, but the way they’re treated, presented and communicated can make an important impact on a prospect’s level of trust with their builder.

“People are making not only the most expensive purchase of their lives with us, but very often it’s the most emotional,” Andrew says. “People have to be comfortable, they have to instantly have a high level of trust with their builder and they have to be communicated with absolutely effortlessly. Putting all that together to make sure it’s streamlined and effortless is the way you can have success and have growth, and that’s what Collective Alternative has done for us.”

Every H•E Homes homeowner receives a one-of-a-kind masterpiece designed around them from the ground up. In the same way, we know marketing strategy doesn’t work as a one-size-fits-all approach. Our initiatives are tailored to each organization — their voice, their audience and their goals.

We become so invested in our relationships that most clients see us as an extension of themselves as their marketing department, not just another outsourced firm. No client is “just another client.” We understand your business and support it in ways other firms won’t. We make business personal and have a love for local that touches everything we do. We don’t just serve the local businesses that are the lifeblood of our communities — we’re their advocate.

“Collective Alternative has had fantastic ideas, a great streamlined experience and took the time to understand our brand standards. That was something we couldn’t find anywhere else as we were looking for a marketing partner,” Andrew says. “The strategy and feedback they’ve developed has really worked to boost our numbers. We have more ideas for the future we’re looking forward to because I think they’re going to be game-changers in the marketplace.”

Ready for a relationship that will meet your business where you are and take you where you want to go? Let’s schedule a strategy session to start building a foundation together today.