CA Website Questionnaire

We’ve put together this worksheet to help us gather the information that we will need for your project. By answering these questions, you will assist us with developing a website that meets your needs. If there are any areas or questions that you don’t feel are relevant to this project, please just skip them. We can always come back to it later.

The Basics //

(e.g. tradeshow, product launch, end of year budget.)
If you do have a business plan, would you please share it

The Brand //

(e.g.: warmth, friendliness, reassurance, comfort, or excitement. Sample brand attributes might include caring, honesty, humor, professionalism, intelligence, technological savvy, sophistication, reliability, and trustworthiness.)

Audience //

(e.g. Young people looking to buy music)

Scope and Features //

Design //

(e.g.: Easy to look at, edgy, classic, up-to-date, crisp, modern, traditional, understated, etc.)