Blog to Build Your Small Business

Blog to Build Your Small Business

From running your company, managing teams and making sales to developing leads, empowering your employees and so much more, we know small business owners have a lot on their plate every day.

How high up on your priority list is blogging and maintaining your website?

Probably not as high as it should be.

You might be rolling your eyes, but a consistent and well-curated blog really can bring big results to your small business!

Here’s how:

Blogs boost your search engine optimization
You’re no stranger to the importance of search engine optimization — we’ve covered the topic here before! Consistently creating relevant blog posts is one of the best SEO efforts in your digital arsenal. Search engines love websites that continue to produce new, fresh content more than those who have grown old and stale.

By blogging regularly and naturally adding critical keywords within your industry to your website, you’re much more likely to increase all-important organic traffic.

Blogging expands and engages your audience
An influx of search engine-friendly content will grow your potential customer pool in ways that may surprise you. Creating content on timely, relevant and helpful topics can provide a valuable service to new readers, who each have the ability to act as a referral and share your work with their own networks of online friends, family, colleagues and acquaintances.

Sharing blog posts on your own social media channels, plus encouraging others to do the same, creates an opportunity to drive conversation and engagement around your topic — and therefore, your business! Not only are you placing a voice and personality behind your online presence, you’re connecting, interacting, developing relationships and fostering trust with both new and existing customers.

Blogs establish thought leadership
We blog about what we know. You didn’t become a business owner in your specific field for no reason — you’re an expert in your industry! One of the biggest benefits of blogging for your business is it’s a chance to create influence, gain trust and establish yourself as a go-to resource.

Even on topics that may seem mundane or everyday to you in your world, to an outside customer your breadth of knowledge on the subject can assure them they can trust you with their business.

Blogging keeps you connected
Hopefully you’re already reading relevant trade publications and staying on top of the latest emerging trends and developments in your field, but continually blogging should challenge you to stay even more tuned in and think about your business in new, beneficial ways.

The more you’re writing, the more you’ll read and keep yourself ahead of the curve!

Blogs are made for marketing
Increase your SEO. Cultivate a following. Build trustworthiness. Be an active participant and thought leader in your industry. Long story short, blogs are great for marketing your small business!

With every blog post you create, you can subtly — or not so subtly! — market your business as the best solution to solve whatever issue you know your reader, a potential customer, might be facing.

For example:
Are you looking for ways to improve your website and boost organic traffic? Maybe you’re interested in blogging and ready to take the plunge, but unsure where to begin or what would benefit your business the most? Collective Alternative can help!

Thoroughly researched and well-maintained blogs are an important part of the full suite of web design , SEO and digital marketing services we’re proud to offer our small business clients. If you’d like to learn more, or explore any of our marketing, advertising and public relations possibilities for your business, we’d love to connect for a free strategy session today!