Amanda Parker - Founder of Collective Alternative

Amanda’s Advice: Lessons Learned from the Founder of Collective Alternative

Small businesses are the foundation of local communities. They provide jobs, services and goods that keep towns populated and operating. At Collective Alternative, we make it our mission to promote these business and share the stories of so many in the community. But how did we get here?

Amanda-Parker-PRThat’s where our fearless founder Amanda Parker comes in.

The doors of CA opened in 2008 and have since serviced numerous clients throughout central Indiana. With the drive to make business personal, Amanda quickly found success by combining her unparalleled knowledge of local markets with her talent for creating comprehensive strategies unique to each client.

She is always willing to share her wealth of knowledge, and we are eager to listen. Amanda’s advice is sound, realistically positive and laced with refreshing honesty.

Lesson 1: Hold on to your passion.

There’s a tendency in the marketing industry to combat passion and profit. Popular culture has created a stigma that in order to be a successful marketer you need to disregard personal values and do what needs done. For Amanda Parker, passion was instrumental when shaping her future.

Her passion for small business lead Amanda to start her own agency. “A lot of organizations – at no fault to them – strive to score the million dollar accounts,” says Parker. “I saw a void in the industry when it came to small businesses and the American Dream. I love finding out their target areas and strategizing with them on just how much they can grow.”

Realizing her passions and playing to her strengths helped Amanda fight for what she believes in. Today she is an advocate for small businesses everywhere, helping them achieve desired marketing outcomes.

Lesson 2: Take risks and be confident.

We are told to always play it safe. We live in a very regimented world where we go to school, graduate, get a job and work until retirement. This limits the world’s endless possibilities. Amanda Parker has her own way of handling this.

“Leap and a net will appear,” has been a common mentality throughout Parker’s decision making. “Everyone needs to get out of their own way. We have this perfect image of how we think something should go, and chances are it’s not going to be like that.”

Taking risks, being creative and having confidence in yourself will drive you to your goal. Don’t be burdened by what everyone thinks you need to do. Follow your own path and set your own destiny!

Lesson 3: Live in the present.

Amanda is one of Indianapolis’ Leading Women in Business, challenging everyone around her to critically examine their lives, evaluate their choices and prioritize their time. She is determined, strategic and – above all – passionate. 20 years ago, however, Amanda Parker did not know what the future would hold.

Diagnosed with a rare blood disease, medical professionals told Parker she wouldn’t live to see 21. “It was a hard reality for sure,” said Parker. “Realizing that you have no choice but to live in the present gives you a whole new outlook on what you do everyday.” This diagnosis that would shatter most sparked Amanda’s drive. She became present and dedicated to living in the now and making the most out of everyday. Changing the world doesn’t have to wait until tomorrow, it can start today.

We keep business personal at Collective Alternative. Our clients can say with confidence that there is a team of dedicated members working to share and promote their brand. There is no cookie-cutter answer in life, so why should that be the shape of your marketing plan?

We’ll learn your business inside and out to develop a comprehensive marketing strategy that is custom to you; all while building a meaningful relationship that leads your business down a path to success.

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