A Story with No Words: How Design Propels your Business

We’ve all heard the saying, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” But really, it should read, “Visual elements are worth a thousand word.” To limit the impact that imagery has to only photographs does a disservice to the major impact that these facets have on our day-to-day life.

In today’s business world, relationships are a high priority. Companies want to stand above their competitors and creating authentic connections with their clients is how they plan to do it. But a lot of them are only relying on words. Incorporating images and design aspects into the personal brand of your company can speak volumes to the credibility and ingenuity of your business.

5 Reasons a Strong Design can Transform your Company:

1: Strong Design Makes a Strong First Impression

In this digital age, companies really only have one shot to draw in a prospective customer. For example, it only takes seconds for a consumer to create a first impression on a company’s logo, according to a recent Shutterstock report. After that, it takes between five and seven impressions for them to actually remember it. And if this isn’t enough to stress the importance of a good first impression, a recent Taylor Francis University study found that the average observer only needs 50 milliseconds to make a judgement on a website. Whatever your company has, it needs to be designed well. Otherwise, you will lose valuable positioning in an increasingly busy market.

2: Strong Design Builds Customer Relationships

Arguably, a significant amount of relationships are based solely off of emotion. So, doesn’t it make sense that a customer would have an emotional connection to a business in some way? Using color, layout, texture and other basic aspects of design, businesses are able to change the way they are consumed. Creating a bright and cheery brand can make observers feel appreciated whereas something dark and aggressive could make them upset. Having a strong design is not only about getting new prospects to invest in your business, it’s also about helping them decide to stay.

3: Strong Design Impacts Social Media


Many of today’s marketing campaigns are conducted on some form of social media platform. Whether it be Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn or Twitter, being able to connect with all of your audience is becoming an incredibly daunting task. In the age of aesthetics, your social media strategy won’t cut through the noise with a poor design. Without having any imagery in your social media post, your efforts will solely rely on words. And rarely does this ever catch a customer’s attention.

4: Strong Design Creates a Consistent Brand

Imagine that the “golden arches” were suddenly changed to a shade of lime green. What would you think? Things would probably get a little cringy, and that’s understandable. With such a strong sense of brand recognition, the general public couldn’t fathom the McDonalds logo being any other colors besides yellow and red. Keeping a consistent brand is the key to creating a cohesive one. When a brand is not connected in any way, it is viewed as disorganized and chaotic.

Creating a brand and following a consistent pattern may seem like a mundane option. Something that only a boring, stagnant company would want to do. This line of thinking could not be more incorrect.

The trick is to be different while staying the same. 

At Collective Alternative, we make sure that your organization’s brand is being rigorously followed while creating a unique strategy that sets you apart from your competitors. Our clients can say with confidence that there is a team of dedicated members working to share and promote their story. We’ll learn your business inside and out to develop a comprehensive marketing strategy that is custom to you; all while building a meaningful relationship that leads your business down a path to success.

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